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Give your family the gift of wisdom to be shared from generation to generation with our new package, The 6 Pillars: A Personal Testament. This unique offering allows you to impart your life's greatest lessons, from cherished family heritage stories to personal triumphs.

Explore the six significant pillars of life—childhood, marriage and partnership, work, children, challenges, and triumphs—as you share your most precious memories and key insights with your loved ones.

Perfect for:

Gifting to family

Birthday celebration

Retirement gift



6 Pillars Talking Prompts

High-fidelity microphones used for crystal clear sound

Professional editing

Professional sequencing

Fully scored with multiple music beds

Historical sound where appropriate

Produced Intro and Outro

Up to 60 min of recording

Edited to 35-50 min finished length


The 6 Pillars, A Personal Testament.

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