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A Life's Story Podcast

A Life's Story is a critically acclaimed podcast detailing the lives of remarkable people worldwide who have lived extraordinary lives. Host Leslie Gold interviews guests, unveiling riveting and soul-stirring stories. Tune in for life's best lessons and stories recounted firsthand by the individuals that lived them.

Featured Episode

The World's Oldest Supermodel - A Life’s Story "Fable"

In this special bonus episode of A Life's Story, we follow the story of Daphne Selfe. Born 1928 in London, she became a model after winning a magazine contest shortly after her 21st birthday. In this episode, we chronicle her journey, what ultimately led to her returning to the industry in her 70's, and how she became and remains a professional model to this day.

The World's Oldest Supermodel - A Life’s Story "Fable"
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Featured on A Life's Story Podcast.


The Lebows, 99 & 97

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Beverley Schottenstein, 94


Robina Asti, 99

Married over 80 years and still delighting in each other's company, the story of the Lebows underscore the kind of devotion it takes to weather any storm. Through many challenges the Lebows have maintained their unbreakable bond. Their current challenge may be their hardest yet. 

Beverley is a grandma who tells a incredible story of being  ripped off, defrauded and gaslighted by her 2 adult grandsons. Despite not always understanding all of the legal and financial moves made against her, Beverley did understand right from wrong. Hear Beverley's story, and about her fight for honesty.

Robina Asti, born Robert Astey was a WW2 Veteran and pilot. Her transition to female in the mid 1970's cost her everything. Robina later married a man, and was widowed at 94 years old. Denied the widow benefits she felt entitled to, she battled the very government for which she once fought.

Ben Lesser.png

Ben Lesser, 94

For much of his life, Ben Lesser avoided talking about surviving the Holocaust, 4 Nazi death camps, death marches and the infamous death trains.

“I chose to live a normal life and kept quiet about it,” Lesser said. Now, he tells his harrowing, unforgettable story.

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