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Get the full "A Life's Story" experience for your loved ones. With "The Masterpiece" we record the life story of beloved member of your family in their own voice, and produce it into a beautiful piece of audio storytelling that will become a cherished family heirloom. The finished piece is an archival quality audio documentary that will be shared, cherished and passed on to future generations.  This is truly the 'gift of a lifetime'. 

Perfect for:

Capturing a full life's journey

Aging parents or grandparents

50th wedding anniversaries


Pre-interview w/purchaser

Full in-depth interview by professional interviewer

Story 'arc'created

High fidelity microphones used for crystal clear sound

Professional editing

Professional sequencing

Professional narration

Fully scored with multiple music beds

Historical sound where appropriate

Produced Intro and Outro

Up to 5 voices

Up to 120 min of recording

Edited to 45-75 min

finished length

Every one is custom

The Masterpiece (Couple)

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